Lead Council SubCommittees

Faculty Hiring & Development Subcommittee:

    • Operationalize demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion: guidance to prospective faculty submitting applications and to search committees evaluating materials from applicants
    • Create a bank of diversity Qs for adjunct faculty, junior-, senior-faculty, deans, and other administrators
    • Define expectations for culturally responsive teaching at branches and towards AA, BA/BS, PhD, MD, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law degrees, plus;
Subcommittee Members
    • Julia Fulghum
    • Marissa Greenberg
    • Kathryn Jacobson
    • LD Lovett
    • Laura Musselwhite
    • Lindsay Smart
    • Sherri Thomas


IE postdoc

Subcommittee Members
  • Elizabeth Hutchison
  • Eric Lau
  • Teresa Neely
  • Tryphenia Peele-Eady


Reaching HSRU and 2040 Goals: doctoral education

    • Examine doctoral level data: #/% by gender and race, time to degree, stop outs
    • Explore reason for stop outs
    • How we compare to doctoral completion (degree conferral rates and time-to-degree) nationally?
    • What we see as appropriate HSRU goals and 2040 goals re: faculty (20% increase) and doctoral students (HSRU: double Hispanics enrolled in doctoral programs)
Subcommittee Members
    • Jesse Alemán
    • José Cerrato Corrales
    • Myrriah Gomez
    • Assata Zerai