Disability is Diversity

Disability is an identity category, like race, gender, and sexuality, so people with disabilities must be part of our conversations about and pursuit of justice, equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion (JEADI) at UNM. For this reason, it is crucial to our shared goal that

UNM campuses – from classrooms to communal spaces, from events to ethos – are inherently inclusive, accessible and readily accommodating to all students, staff, faculty, administration, and community members, inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE), religion, first-generation college status, ability/disability status, and all other categories/identities. [from DEI landing page: https://diverse.unm.edu/index.html]


DEI@UNM has sponsored research, conducted surveys, and created resources in order

- to identify and understand the needs of disabled faculty, staff, and students,

- to educate the UNM community – including leadership – about how to make our university a more welcoming place to create, heal, learn, research, and teach, and

- to advocate for more accessible and inclusive UNM campuses.


These efforts include:


- Slidedeck with educational materials and results of the 2022 Survey of Faculty with Disabilities. 2022 Survey of Faculty with Disabilities Slidedeck

- Multimedia presentation for Department and Programs Chairs and Heads, their faculty, and their deans, outlining key data and action items from the 2022 Survey of Faculty with Disabilities. Created by Dr. Marissa Greenberg, DEI Academic Faculty Leadership Fellow (2021-2023). 2022 Survey of Faculty with Disabilities Presentation 

- Survey of Faculty with Disabilities Announcement Survey Announcement

- Disability Studies LibGuide provides information and resources for the study of disabilities and disability justice. It includes links to academic, advocacy, and statistical resources as well as to institutional, state, and local resources. Disability Studies LibGuide 

- Wayfinder is a resource if you have experienced harassment or bullying related to a disability. Wayfinder 


Do you have questions or want to get involved in this vital work? Send an email to diverse@unm.edu.