2040 Strategic Planning

In November 2019, the Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI) was charged by Provost Holloway to lead a process to provide diversity input to the UNM 2040 Strategic Plan. [See, https://goto.unm.edu/2040].

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic exerted great impact on UNM shortly thereafter. DEI responded appropriately but still had the bandwidth to continue to work on the diversity input to the UNM Strategic Plan. We collected input from November 2019-May 2021 from hundreds of stakeholders: DEI staff, the UNM Diversity Council, UNM LEAD Council, the UNM Staff Council, the Staff Council Diversity Committee, HSC, Branch Campuses, and UNM colleges, departments, schools, and other units. We produced a summary document on July 14, 2021, titled, “Recommendations from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion taskforce”, led by UNM Division for Equity & Inclusion”. [See, http://diverse.unm.edu/anti-racism-action-plan/2040-strategic-planning.html].

After completing this process, we joined the process led by the NAPA group. I served on the Inclusive Excellence Taskforce as chair and invited Pam Agoyo to serve as co-chair. We met with 20+ taskforce members to discuss each of the objectives within the Inclusive Excellence Goal over fall 2021. And we produced a comprehensive document, in addition to our initial 40-page report produced in July 2021. The new document, titled, “UNM 2040 Opportunity Defined: Report from the Goal 4. Inclusive Excellence (IE) Taskforce” summarized detailed input, operationalizations of the 7 objectives, specific tactics for achieving each of the objectives, recommended timelines for completion of tactics, and metrics to measure success. This 90-page document, which incorporated the initial July 14th report was submitted November 20, 2021. [See http://diverse.unm.edu/anti-racism-action-plan/2040-strategic-planning.html].

Now that the UNM 2040 Strategic Planning Overview has been published [https://opportunity.unm.edu/], I proudly serve as the Goal 3-Inclusive Excellence Champion. I look forward to gathering my implementation team members and defining our short-term objectives. In DEI, we feel fortunate that we already have a head start on our plans to implement the inclusive excellence goal at UNM, especially in the areas of faculty diversity and inclusive climate.