U.S. & Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Power (DEIP) Undergraduate Requirement

The Division for Equity and Inclusion posits that  inclusive excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which the University leverages diversity as its’ strength to enhance an understanding and connection with diverse communities, ensure the success of all UNM students, and advance the academic enterprise. For more information: diverse.unm.edu.

The stated aim of the 3-credit "U.S. & Global Diversity & Inclusion" undergraduate degree requirement is to promote a broad-scale understanding of the culture, history or current circumstance of diverse groups of people who have experienced historic and/or contemporary inequitable treatment in the U.S. or in a global context.

Please visit the Gen Ed Page to search for any DEIP course from 2014 to the present.

For Faculty and Instructors


Please read this carefully as our submission procedure has changed: 

  1. Three categories of DEIP course: Approved DEIP course, Expired DEIP course, and to-be-expired DEIP course. A glossary of terms is to be published.
  2. A revised Syllabus Checklist. Please click here to download.
  3. The revised Syllabus Checklist can be used for new request, both expired and to-be-expired DEIP courses.
  4. A Syllabus Checklist can now be submitted on a rolling basis.

  5. A revised published submission deadline for the Syllabus Checklist is September 1. Once approved by the Subcommittee and FSCC, the course will be listed as a DEIP course in the catalog of the following academic year.
  6. All approved DEIP courses will be listed as a DEIP course in the catalog for six years from the time it is listed on the catalog, not when it is approved by the Subcommittee.
  7. For a DEIP course to continue its uninterrupted DEIP status, it is critically essential that its respective department resubmit a Syllabus Checklist and be approved by the Diversity Council Curriculum Subcommittee (DCCS) at least one academic year prior to the expiration of its DEIP course status.
  8. When a cataloged course (including any DEIP courses) is not offered for 8 continuous semesters, it will be placed in the “sunset status” in Banner and removed from the catalog the following academic year. 

Office Hours

If you need to make an appointment with Dr. Julia So, please utilize the calendar on Outlook. During the summer semester, she is generally on ABQ-Central Campus on WED and FRI from 9 am to 2 PM.

Diversity Council Curriculum Subcommittee Fall 2024 Virtual Meetings:

All meetings are held in Teams from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM on the third Thursday of the month.

The meeting dates in Fall 2024 are:

Thursday August 15

Thursday September 19

Thursday October 17

Thursday November 21

Information Workshop for the diversity requirements

Spring 2024 – Download a copy of the 2024 Information Session PowerPoint file here.

Fall 2024 – TBA

For questions, please email usglobaldiversity@unm.edu