Survey for Faculty with Disabilities

Summary Overview

Disability is an identity category, like race, gender, and sexuality, so people with disabilities must be part of our conversations about and pursuit of justice, equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion (JEADI) at UNM.

Administered in Fall 2022, the Survey of UNM Faculty with Disabilities gathered data from disabled faculty about their experiences at UNM. This data has already given a habitation and a name to general principles in the study of disability in higher education. In the future it will direct and inform institutional change -- in the spirit of disability justice scholar and advocate James I. Charlton’s admonition “Nothing about us without us.”


The Survey was based on research conducted by Principal Investigator Dr. Marissa Greenberg in her role as DEI@UNM Academic Faculty Leadership Fellow (2021-2023). Dr. Greenberg has drawn on her work in the field of Disability Studies to educate constituencies about issues facing disabled faculty in higher education as well as to identify and advocate for strategies and tactics that can improve the experience of disabled faculty at UNM.


For more details about the results of this survey, please visit our JEADI Initiatives homepage  or go directly to our Disability is Diversity page

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