Diversity Council (D.C)

The UNM Diversity Council brings together varying levels of expertise in diversity matters, a broad cross-section of occupations/disciplines from across UNM’s academic community. Council members reflect the remarkable diversity of backgrounds and ideas at the University of New Mexico and come together to improve the University’s performance where diversity, equity and inclusion are concerned.

The Council consists of faculty, staff and students with varying degrees of knowledge about diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice in higher education. The committee is charged as follows:

The charge of the Diversity Council is to review historical documents addressing diversity at UNM and study campus climate policies and best practices addressing diversity and excellence at institutions of higher education. Data from various sources will be evaluated in determining the needs at UNM as we move to establish a UNM model that embraces diversity and excellence. The work of the Diversity Council will culminate with a re-envisioned actionable Diversity Plan that will lead our institution for the next ten years. The committee will seek ways in which this plan may be successfully woven into the very fabric of daily operations at the University of Mexico.

The UNM Diversity Council meets the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year from 12:00-1:30PM, currently via Zoom (Previously held in the Roberts Room of Scholes Hall). For more information regarding the Diversity Council or to be placed on the agenda, please contact Lorena Blanco-Silva, Diversity Programs Director at lblanco@unm.edu

If you are interested in the UNM Diversity Council, please click here: https://forms.office.com/r/TU4HkE49ij and we will add you to the invitation list.