Mentoring Black Student Academic Excellence Spring 2023 Activities

MonthThemePrompts and speakers
January 2023Overcoming challenges, falling down, and getting back up! What to do when you feel you have faltered and how to get back on track.

Prospective Prompts: Discuss a time that you overcame a challenge as an undergrad student. What are your favorite UNM resources that can support our students aiming to get back on track or to advance their academic success?

Co-presenters: Dr. Teresa Y. Neely

February 2023Exposing the hidden curriculum: Summer plans-internships; Degree program mapping; 2-step programs: 5 years for BA-MA; Considering graduate programs

Prospective Prompts: TBA;

Co-presenters: TBA

March 2023Financial Capability as undergraduate students and beyond.

Prospective Prompts: Did your socioeconomic status impact your undergrad experiences and your decision to go to graduate school? How? How did you face financial constraints as undergrads and how did you pay for grad school. What are lessons you would like to pass along?

Co-presenters: UNM Center for Financial Capability, and Co-presenters: TBA

April 2023TBD-with student inputTBD-with student input