Dr. Elizabeth Quay Hutchison, Ph.D


hutchison.pngDr. Hutchison is a Latin American historian specializing in twentieth-century Chilean women’s labor history, and a scholar-activist of human rights movements. Her published work includes the 2001 study of Chilean women’s labor, Labors Appropriate to Their Sex, The Chile Reader, and the forthcoming “Workers Like all the Rest of Them: Domestic Service and the Rights of Labor in Twentieth-century Chile.

At UNM Hutchison has served extensively in faculty governance, and in 2016 co-founded Faculty for a Sexual Assault-Free Environment at UNM (Faculty SAFE), an organization that channels faculty involvement to promote policy changes, strengthen support and advocacy, and advance research on campus sexual violence at UNM. This work has allowed Dr. Hutchison to collaborate with faculty, staff, students, and administrators on initiatives to support targets of sexual harassment, including the Presidential Task Force on Reporting Sexual Misconduct and Harassment and Supporting the UNM Community and the NASEM Action Collaborative for Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education. Dr. Hutchison speaks regularly at UNM and national conferences about faculty engagement in campus sexual violence response, and contributed “Making Campus Safer: Fighting Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in Academia” to the forthcoming Academic’s Handbook.

Research and Publications