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The Division for Equity and Inclusion posits that inclusive excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which the University leverages diversity as its’ strength to enhance an understanding and connection with diverse communities, ensure the success of all UNM students, and advance the academic enterprise. For more information:

The stated aim of the 3-credit "U.S. & Global Diversity & Inclusion" undergraduate degree requirement is to promote a broad-scale understanding of the culture, history or current circumstance of diverse groups of people who have experienced historic and/or contemporary inequitable treatment in the U.S. or in a global context.


Will this 3-credit hour requirement add additional credits to degree requirements?

No. This requirement would not add credits to undergraduate degree requirements. Courses can double count with other degree requirements including the core curriculum, required/elective courses.

What level of course can be included?

Three-credit courses can be at the 100, 200, 300, 400 level.

What type of course counts?

All types of 3-credit class count, including lectures, seminars, practicum, dual enrolled courses, on-line courses, internships, study abroad, service-learning courses, capstone and starred courses (both undergraduate/graduate level).

When will students have to complete this requirement?

Students can complete this requirement at any time during their program of study.

When will this requirement be in effect? 

This requirement has been implemented since the 2014-2015 Catalog.

How will students with very structured degree programs fulfill this requirement (e.g., Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)? 

Courses in the core curriculum and general education requirements have been identified. In addition, STEM courses can be linked with other courses that address diversity learning outcomes such as those offered through the Community Engagement Center, Learning Communities, or capstone courses.

How will transfer students fulfill this requirement?

Transfer students can demonstrate that they have fulfilled this requirement through the list of equivalencies available at the registrar’s office.

I’m uncertain if my course will count, who do I contact?

You are urged to contact your academic advisor to determine if the course will count.


2019-20 University of New Mexico Approved Diversity Courses