Our Framework

Division for Equity & Inclusion Framework


DEI Framework

Division for Equity and Inclusion’s Definition of Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which we leverage diversity as our strength to enhance our understanding and connections with diverse communities, ensure the success of all of our students and advance the academic enterprise. 

How we accomplish “Inclusive Excellence”

Inclusive Excellence leads to Increased Accessibility for traditionally underrepresented faculty, staff and students. As a diverse group of individuals we all play a role in utilizing our diversity as a strength to build our capacity to promote a healthy and inclusive campus climate, advance the academic enterprise, and ultimately serve our students well so that they can be successful.

The Division for Equity and Inclusion’s role in leading Inclusive Excellence

The Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leads inclusive excellence initiatives through education and dialogue and strategic engagements and sustainable collaborations. DEI identifies university and community partners that are involved in complementary efforts to minimize duplication and strengthen initiatives to promote a healthy and inclusive campus climate, advance the academic enterprise and increase the success of our students at UNM.

Healthy Campus Climate Academic Enterprise Student Success

Promoting Healthy and Inclusive Campus Climate

Purpose: To create an environment that promotes the nurturing and growth of every individual on campus, where individuals are valued and treated with respect and civility, and where hate and bias toward any group is not tolerated.

Ultimately, we will create a cohesive university community where we live “diversity as a strength” and teach our students to interact effectively across differences and work in a diverse world.

Advancing Academic Enterprise

Purpose: To support the academic mission of the university by working with faculty and staff to incorporate diversity in our curricular and co-curricular activities.  We strive to diversify our faculty because we know that they enhance excellence in our teaching, research and service.  We also work with all faculty to engage them in understanding and working with our diverse students and our diverse communities.

Ultimately, we will create a university for the future where diversity is at the center of our academic mission and we serve as a model for other institutions.

Increasing Student Success

Purpose: To work with others to ensure that our students are prepared for success when they enter our university. To provide students transferring from two-year institutions a connection with the university and to ensure they integrate well into our university community. To work with entities to ensure that students get connected to the appropriate support programs they need.Ultimately, we will monitor progress on access and success of traditionally underrepresented students and will improve graduation rates of undergraduate students and increase the number of under-represented students in graduate programs.

Advancing Diversity at the University of New Mexico (2014-2015)