Welcome to the Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Website! This is an exciting year full of opportunity to engage our University community in efforts that will promote Inclusive Excellence.   Inclusive Excellence means that we are moving beyond “representational diversity” (which UNM has had for a long time) and integrating diversity and excellence by bringing together diverse worldviews, diverse research ideas and the ability to teach to multiple ways of learning and knowing.  In building Inclusive Excellence our students are better prepared to work and interact in a diverse world.

Ultimately, their learning is greatly enriched! UNM looks today, like most universities will look tomorrow As a University we are in prime position to create a university for the future where diversity and excellence are intertwined and at the center of our academic mission.

In order to accomplish Inclusive Excellence the whole university must be involved, including administrators, faculty, staff and students.  DEI will partner with various entities across campus involved in diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work.  In addition, partnerships will continuously be sought to impact institutional transformation toward Inclusive Excellence.  As a diverse group of individuals we all play a role in utilizing diversity as our strength to build capacity to promote a healthy and inclusive campus climate; advance the academic enterprise; and ultimately serve our students well so that they may achieve success.

Please check our website periodically to find out about important events.  In addition, look for information about our “Talking Circles”, Town Hall, Diversity Celebration and Luminaria Awards, Movie and Popcorn Activities, Women of Color Events and many other wonderful things over the course of the year.

Here’s to a wonderful year that will move us closer to creating equity and inclusion for all!

Division for Equity and Inclusion