2014 Action Plan in Response to the Equity & Inclusion Survey

Forum Tue Feb 25th 11:30 in Sub Ballroom B

The University of New Mexico is uniquely positioned to be a leader in integrating diversity and excellence in creating an educational experience that is enriched by its diversity.  This requires the University’s deliberate and clear commitment to diversity; setting the tone for how diversity, equity and inclusion are addressed and embedded into the academic fiber of the institution; and determining how spaces are created for the development of intergroup competencies that will enable us to apply those competencies in all the environments in which we operate.

A leading authority on diversity and higher education, Dr. Damon Williams, posits that institutional realities must be assessed so that “institutional dynamics that enable and constrain campus diversity efforts” can be fully understood in creating a strong foundational commitment to diversity on college campuses.  Dynamics such as institutional history of inclusion and exclusion, senior leadership commitment to diversity as a core value, fiscal reality that either supports or hampers diversity efforts, the diversity brand that is being created by active response or lack of response to a diversity agenda, and the mission and selectivity of an institution that either create or deny opportunity to marginalized groups.

In the 2013 Spring Semester, the Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulted with Halualani and Associates for the deployment and analysis of a campus-wide survey to assess the impact of diversity, diversity in our learning environment and intergroup relations among our campus constituencies. The results of the survey highlighted four key ideals that coincide with the work of DEI since its inception. These goals are: 1) to ensure that communications and actions demonstrate a commitment to diversity as a strength and opportunity, 2) to create and scale-up efforts to build and reinforce a campus that is welcoming, where individuals feel that they are valued, and where there are learning opportunities to improve interactions across all types of diversity, and 3) to enhance academic programming and pedagogy that is inclusive and prepares students to work in a globally diverse society.

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The Equity & Inclusion Survey launched Friday, April 12th, 2013 and closed on Friday, August 2nd, 2013. Thank you for your participation!

The Division for Equity & Inclusion will be hosting a Forum to discuss the Survey Results and the corresponding Action Plan on Tuesday, Feb 25th, from 11:30AM to 1:30PM in the SUB Ballroom B. Please come and share your feedback!

The Executive Summary and Action Plan are available for viewing and download HERE.