The Division for Equity and Inclusion offers several programs and resources targeted at specific populations. Below find links to programming from DEI and its partners.

11/02/2020The UNM Compliance Office, IT and the Division on Equity and Inclusion sponsored a panel discussion addressing "Trolling, Doxing, and Zoom Bombing" for the National Compliance Week speaker series. The discussion premieres November 2 at noon.

10/15/2020 - What Does it mean to be a Hispanic-Serving Institution? 

9/24/2020 - Promising Practices in UNM Campus Public Safety Town Hall 
Q&A Responses from Town Hall: Promising Practices in UNM Campus Public Safety

7/15/2020 – Let's Do Lunch with VP for Equity and Inclusion Assata Zerai
Presented by the UNM Staff Council
Slide Deck from Let's Do Lunch Presentation on 7/15/2020

6/25/2020 - Soft & Strong: Centering Black Womxn, Queer & Youth Communities

5/14/2020 - WEBINAR: Climate in COVID-19: Parenting in a Pandemic

5/12/2020-Town Hall Addressing anti-Blackness at UNM
antiBlackness at UNM Town Hall Q&A Responses

5/1/2020 - WEBINAR: Climate in COVID-19: API Student Challenges

4/17/2020 - WEBINAR: COVID-19 and Climate: Impact on Faculty and Staff

4/9/2020 - WEBINAR: Climate in COVID-19: Impact on Students