The Division for Equity and Inclusion and its many university and area partners are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation as well as developing additional resources for our community.




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Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and International Students: Experiences and Resolutions Beyond COVID-19 | AJPH | Vol. 111 Issue 3 (




 Please reference the document, Equity and Inclusion at UNM During COVID-19 for guidance to assist campus decision makers, faculty, administrators, students and staff on providing supportive, positive and inclusive campus climates during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has planned events to address issues of racism and xenophobia towards certain groups – including microaggressions, discrimination, avoidance, harassment, threats and physical assaults. Panels will discuss how valuing inclusivity means remembering that we all have different circumstances, and the importance of treating everyone with respect, both in their presence and in their absence. 

The first panel, held on April 9th, addressed the impact on students and included a focus on resources such as our ethnic and support centers. The second panel was held Friday, April 17and focused on the impact on faculty and staff. A third event was held on May 1st with the Asian American Student Association and other affected student groups during which we heard their concerns and issues they are facing. The final webinar was held May 14th and focused on how COVID-19 has impacted students, staff, and faculty who are also parents. Videos of the webinars can be found at