Diversity & Inclusion

New Student Orientation - Diversity & Inclusion

Helpful Resources:

  • Hate/Bias Incident Reporting Form
  • Respectful Campus
    UNM strives to foster an environment that reflects courtesy, civility, and respectful communication because such an environment promotes learning, research, and productivity through relationships.

  • Anti-Bullying
    Bullying is unacceptable in all working, learning, and service interactions

  • No Tolerance for Hate/Bias Acts
    Respectful relationships built on trust, collaboration, and thoughtful dialogue and deliberation are essential to UNM’s commitment to equity and success. We will respond to any violation of our sense of community displayed in acts of hatred and bias.

  • Student Code of Conduct

  • Civil Campus Council
    The CommUNITY campaign is a campus-wide civility campaign developed by the Civil Campus Council at the University of New Mexico in August 2013. The council is an initiative spearheaded by President Frank to support civility on campus. The intention of the council is to identify all that UNM does to support civility and address acts of incivility on the UNM campus.

New Student Orientation