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Diversity Matters ? Sep. 16, 2011

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 During this past week the Division for Equity and Inclusion has been involved in several activities and was busy planning, coordinating, participating in, and executing diversity initiatives on and off campus.

In this issue:

  • Diversity Celebration and Luminaria Awards Fundraising Dinner
  • September 16th Celebration
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off
  • Lumina Foundation Video Conference
  • Training on Anti-Oppression
  • NMSU Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus Leadership Institute
  • Faculty Women of Color
  • Diversity Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Leadership in Education and Diversity (LEAD) Ambassadors
  • Men of Color Initiative (MOCI)
  • LGBTQ Resource Center
  • Office of Equal Opportunity 

Diversity Celebration and Luminaria Awards Fundraising Dinner 

We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote speaker at the Diversity Celebration and Luminaria Awards Fundraising Dinner will be Dr. Angela Davis.  The event will be held on March 28th.  Please mark your calendars.  We will provide more details as they become available.

September 16th Celebration

Friday, September 16th, the MexSA student organization will be presenting their annual “Diez y Seis de Septiembre” (16th of September) ceremony and raising of the flag in front of Scholes Hall.  The Division for Equity and Inclusion staff will be present to support this special remembrance of Mexico’s Independence as it is an important celebration for the Latino community on our campus.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-off 

Dr. De Leon was an invited speaker at the Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off at Old Town Plaza on September 8th.  Additional speakers included Mayor Berry, ENLACE, CNM, and Youth Development Incorporated students and other members of the community.  The Master of Ceremony was our own, Jennifer Gomez Chavez, Chair of the Hispanic Heritage Committee.  The Kick-Off initiates the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month beginning on September 15th and ending on October 15th.  Several events and activities are planned at UNM and in the community to commemorate Hispanic Heritage.

Lumina Foundation Video Conference

On Thursday, September 8th the Division for Equity and Inclusion participated in a video conference with the Lumina Foundation as we progressed to the next level of review for a Lumina Latino Student Success grant.  The “Unidos Project” will establish “Lobos Unidos within the university and will include several university and community partners including ENLACE, El Centro de la Raza, the Center for Educational Policy and Research, Albuquerque Public Schools, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), Youth Development Incorporated, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, the ABC Community Schools, Innovate/Educate, the Hispanic College Fund and Representative Rick Miera as our policy partner.  The partnership will focus on strengthening the pipeline to ensure access and success for Latino students.  If the proposed project is funded, it will positively impact access and success for all students at UNM.


ENLACE under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Roybal has joined the Division for Equity and Inclusion.  The statewide collaborative established by ENLACE will enhance outreach throughout the state on issues impacting student success.  While ENLACE has been focused on engaging Latino communities for education, their scope has broadened to include all underrepresented students and families in New Mexico.  They have established a legacy of impacting student success.

Training on  Anti-Oppression

The Division for Equity and Inclusion has been working with several university partners (LGBTQ Resource Center, GPSA, BGPSA, PNMGC, RGSA, African American Student Services, El Centro, and American Indian Student Services) and the Media Literacy Project and Dr. Ricky Allen to develop a series of training activities, education and dialogue.  We are planning a series of activities over the course of the next academic year.  We will keep you posted on those activities via our web site http://diverse.unm.edu and through email and this newsletter. We are also working with the Daily Lobo to provide a specialized session that they have requested for their staff.

NMSU Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus Leadership Institute

Jozi De Leon, Jerry Dominguez, Lawrence Roybal, Jennifer Gomez Chavez and Veronica Mendez Cruz were invited to attend NMSU’s Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus Leadership Institute.  The day was rich with discussion on various topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion and access.  Angela Valenzuela from University of Texas at Austin and Juan Sepulveda from the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education were invited keynote speakers.

Faculty Women of Color

The Faculty Women of Color Initiative is in its second year and was established to provide support and networking opportunities for female faculty of color.  Two events are held annually, a social event in the fall and a scholarly event in the spring.  On November 11th, Dr. De Leon will host this year’s social event at her house.  The event is also designed to provide faculty with opportunities to engage with other women with similar research interests.  The Division for Equity and Inclusion works with the Women’s Resource Center, the Office of Diversity at the Health Sciences Center, PNMGC and other academic units in supporting these activities.

Diversity Post Doctoral Fellows

The Division for Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with a Faculty Senate appointed committee has selected Dr. Leola Tsinnajinnie as this year’s Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow.  She will work with and be mentored by the American Indian Studies Program during her fellowship year.   In addition, Dr. Olivia Navarro-Farr will continue another year as a Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Anthropology.  Dr. Sheldon Jordan is being supported by the Provost’s Office as an additional Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow.  He will work in the College of Engineering.

Leadership in Education and Diversity (LEAD) Ambassadors

Undergraduate students will have an opportunity to work on diversity initiatives and learn about equity and inclusion.  Students can apply by registering at http://diverse.unm.edu/oei-lead  before September 16th.

Men of Color Initiative (MOCI)

OEI’s Men of Color Inititiative (MOCI) was initiated last year in response to the data and national interest in addressing the “disappearing males of color” attending institutions of higher education.  Our own institutional data echoes the issues occurring at the national level.  MOCI is moving forward with the assistance of Dr. Sheldon Jordan as faculty liaison, Christopher Ramirez as program coordinator and Patrick Barrett as a student employee to assist with research and programming. OEI staff will be focusing on research of other successful campus initiatives as well as continuing to build relationships with campus departments, student clubs and community organizations who will be part of the MOCI working group.  The longer term goal is to become part of a national initiative organized by the Commission for Access, Diversity and Excellence that is a part of the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities.   

LGBTQ Resource Center

Congratulations to Alma Rosa Banuelos and the LGBTQ Resource Center staff for receiving a federally-funded SAMSHA Grant to address suicide prevention of the LGBT population.

As a result of the SAMHSA grant award, the LGBTQ Resource Center will be presenting its new program, CCUSPP to the UNM campus.  The LGBTQ Resource Center’s Comprehensive, Coordinated, University-wide Suicide Prevention Project, CCUSPP is also in partnership with Student Health and Counseling, SHAC, AGORA, Center for Rural and Community Behavioral Health and other community partners.  This is the first time UNM has received the SAMHSA grant and is part of the Cohort V that includes prestigious Universities across the country including Puerto Rico.  The SAMHSA grant is awarded for 3yrs to allow time to develop, implement and evaluate CCUSPP with the goal to have a strong system of support in place for the UNM student population.

Contact the LGBTQ Resource Center for additional information.

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)

OEO is undergoing a process of documenting and reviewing active cases, inquires, intakes and training to determine patterns within their work to address equity issues on our campus.  This review process will be instrumental in the work that is jointly carried out to address equity and inclusion by the Division for Equity and Inclusion and the Office of Equal Opportunity.