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Diversity Matters ? Nov 11, 2011



November 11, 2011


Special Recognition

Congratulations to Pam Agoyo, Director of American Indian Student Services and Special Assistant to the President on American Indian Affairs, who was elected recently to the National Indian Education Association’s Board of Directors.   We applaud your leadership, Pam!

Congratulations to Christopher Ramirez and Patrick Barrett for being invited to present on the Division for Equity and Inclusion’s Men of Color Initiative at the “Black, Brown and College Bound Summit” next spring at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL.  Great job!  I am sure you will represent this cutting edge initiative well.


Division for Equity and Inclusion Receives Lumina Grant

The Division for Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with the Center for Education Policy Research was awarded the Latino Student Success grant by the Lumina Foundation. The project is called “Unidos” because it fundamentally is built on the notion of collaboration with many entities to create collective impact.  While Latino student success is addressed by many entities, it is only through a collective effort that we can ultimately address the complexities that impact academic success.  The goal is to have students move through middle school and high school and get their diplomas and pursue their post-secondary education at CNM or UNM.  The expectation is that “Unidos” can increase the number of high-quality degrees awarded to Latino students to impact Lumina’s Big Bold Goal to increase degree attainment to 60% by 2025 by accessing support services and moving through a pathway of seamless transition.

The Project is a collaborative effort between UNM partners such as ENLACE, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, El Centro de la Raza, UNM IT, the PNM P-20 Initiative and community, state and national partners such as Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), Albuquerque Public Schools, Youth Development Incorporated, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, Innovate Educate, ABC Community School Partnership, Hispanic College Fund, and state legislators.  Two hundred and fifty invitations were sent out by Lumina, 65 entities responded and only 12 projects were awarded.  We are delighted to have been one of the awardees since as a Minority/Majority state and a Hispanic Serving Institution, this project will have a great impact on our diverse student population.

Women of Color Faculty Gathering

A gathering of Women of Color Faculty will be held at the home of Dr. Jozi De Leon on Friday, November 11th.  This is the second year that Women of Color Faculty have met once a semester to share their experiences, research and support for each other.

Diversity Council (DC)

The Provost has named a Council of faculty, staff and students to work the University’s next Diversity Plan that will take us into 2020.  The DC will have their first meeting on November 22nd.


Men of Color Initiative (MOCI)

The working group met two weeks ago and had a productive meeting with partners from various campus departments. They brainstormed and had some follow-up including activities for spring 2012. Patrick Barrett and Christopher Ramirez are following up on research for about 20 campus programs to determine what other campuses are doing.  Strides are being made to more closely connect MOCI and Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) initiatives.

Africana Studies’ Distinguished Speaker Series

The second presentation of the Caribbean Women Writers & Scholars Symposium was presented by Dr. Tanya Liesel Shields.  She presented on “Sailing on Bones:  Rehearsal in Caribbean Texts”.  Thank you Dr. Belinda Wallace, Alfred Matthewson, Director, Africana Studies, and the Africana Studies staff for making this event possible.  This event was co-sponsored by the Provost’s Office, Africana Studies and the Division for Equity and Inclusion.

Ethnic Notions

Dr. Ricky Allen, College of Education faculty member, showed the movie “Ethnic Notions” and responded to questions and comments by participants.  This event was very informative about imagery and depictions of race that have transferred bias and negative messages about Blacks through several decades of American history since slavery.  Thank you, Dr. Allen, for your wonderful and informative presentation.