U.S. & Global Diversity and Inclusion Requirement-Information for Faculty and Instructors

studentdcrequirement2021The Division for Equity and Inclusion posits that inclusive excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which the University leverages diversity as its’ strength to enhance an understanding and connection with diverse communities, ensure the success of all UNM students, and advance the academic enterprise. For more information: diverse.unm.edu.

The stated aim of the 3-credit "U.S. & Global Diversity and Inclusion" undergraduate degree requirement is to promote a broad-scale understanding of the culture, history, or current circumstance of diverse groups of people who have experienced historic and/or contemporary inequitable treatment in the U.S. or in a global context.

Faculty members interested in submitting a course to be considered for the U.S. & Global Diversity and Inclusion Requirement and require additional assistance are invited to participate in our office hours. Spring 2022 Virtual Office Hours via Zoom will be every Tuesday from 1-3 pm MST for anyone who would like to schedule an individual consultation. Email usglobaldiversity@unm.edu with 3 preferred dates/times in 30-minute intervals in ranked order. We will confirm your appointment time.

 Course Renewal:

Approved courses must be resubmitted for renewal every six years. If your course was approved for the diversity requirement before 2016, the submission deadlines for syllabi checklist/syllabi renewal are:

Extended Spring Deadline: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Fall Deadline: Friday, September 16, 2022 

 New Course Submission: 

New Syllabi Checklist/Syllabi that have never been previously approved are welcome at anytime. To submit new courses for the diversity requirement for inclusion in the 2023 catalog, the final deadline for new course submissions is September 16, 2022.

U.S. Global Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

On Monday, August 30, 2021 Associate VP for Equity and Inclusion Dr. Nancy López and Dr. Shiv Desai, co-chairs for the Diversity Council Curriculum Committee conducted a workshop on submitting courses for the requirement. Click on the video for the recording of the workshop.  


Spring 2022 Virtual Office Hours will be every Tuesday from 1-3 pm MST. Email usglobaldiversity@unm.edu with 3 preferred dates/times in 30-minute intervals in ranked order. We will confirm your appointment time.

Criteria Checklist for “U.S. & Global Diversity and Inclusion”
Undergraduate Requirement

  The link above will download a Word version of this document




The link above will download a Word version of this document

 FOR FACULTY:  If I submitted my syllabus in the fall when is the earliest it will be approved?

If approved, it will go before the Faculty Senate in the fall for approval and then will be added to the course catalog for the following fall semester.  

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Diversity Council Curriculum Committee

Flowchart Process for Approval 2021-2022

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Will this 3-credit hour requirement add additional credits to degree requirements?

No. This requirement would not add credits to undergraduate degree requirements. Courses can double count with other degree requirements including the core curriculum, required/elective courses.

What level of course can be included?

Three-credit courses can be at the 100, 200, 300, 400 level.

What type of course counts?

All types of 3-credit classes count, including lectures, seminars, practicum, dual-enrolled courses, online courses, internships, study abroad, service-learning courses, capstone and starred / asterisk courses * or ** at the 400 level that are available for both undergraduate/graduate level that are not special topics are eligible. Graduate courses at the 500 or 600 level are not eligible.

Can a cross-listed course that is not on the approved list count?

No. Cross-listed courses must also be included in the approved list to automatically satisfy the U.S. & Global Diversity and Inclusion requirement.  Students should register for courses listed on the approved list.

I teach cross-listed courses.  Are cross-listed courses automatically approved?

 No. A separate syllabi checklist and syllabus must be submitted for every course regardless of cross-list.  The only exception is a dedicated cross-listed course (Also Offered As or AOA) if they are in the catalog as such. Reminder: undergraduate courses that are cross-listed with graduate courses, cannot be approved, even if cross-listed, because this requirement only pertains to undergraduate courses. 

Multiple faculty teach one class. Do we each have to submit our syllabi and checklists?

No. The review is of the course and one syllabus will suffice. 

Do all department courses need to be submitted at the same time? 

No. You can submit the courses individually. The review for each course will occur independently of whatever has been approved in a given department. 

I teach at a branch campus, Health Sciences Campus. May I submit my class for review?

Yes. UNM Branch, Health Sciences Campus, and Main Campus are eligible.

Are special topic courses eligible?

No.  Special topic courses are not eligible.  Only courses with dedicated catalog names and descriptions are eligible.  

How can I convert my special topics course into a dedicated catalog course?

Your department/program unit must submit a Form B to workflow to convert a special topics course into a dedicated catalog course. We are not able to review a special topics course until it is officially listed as an approved course with a dedicated course number, title, and description (not special topics) in the catalog. 

I teach a course that may not appear to meet the learning outcomes based on the course title and catalog description, but I teach it very differently from other members of my department. Can I submit my custom-tailored syllabi for review?

No. Only a dedicated course with a stable catalog course description can be approved. For example, many intro courses in many departments may include a few units on the learning outcome but approved courses must be primarily focused on the learning outcomes and should not vary in terms of substantive learning outcomes from instructor to instructor. 

Does the Division for Equity and Inclusion submit the Form C or does the department need to do this?

Yes. The Diversity Council Curriculum Subcommittee submits the Form C with all the courses recommended for approval.

Don't see your question here? Please reach out by emailing usglobaldiversity@unm.edu.