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Luminaria Awards 2014 Winners

5th Annual Luminaria Award Winners, 2014




Community Organization:

Inclusion, Access and Student Success:

Inclusive Excellence:

Dr. Jessica Goodkind: Faculty Award

Dr. Jessica GoodkindDr. Goodkind is a Native New Mexican and a graduate of Albuquerque High School with strong historical ties and shared interests regarding the social injustices shared by Native New Mexicans, as well as by refugee communities. Much of her work is influenced by her undergraduate studies abroad where her passion to help refugee and immigrant people began and flourished. Much of her experience and professional endeavors are grounded in advocating for individuals who face inequality, discrimination, social disparities, social injustice and historical trauma. In her teaching, she consistently pushes faculty and students to consider hard issues such as racial discrimination and unconscious bias and how it may impact health care delivery. A nomination letter from the Association of Burundian Americans in New Mexico lauded Dr. Goodkind’s work with the UNM Refugee Well-Being Project, a program she created, which has served refugees from Liberia, Eritrea, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Iraq to name a few. ABANM goes on to call Dr. Goodkind a Human Rights Promoter Champion.


Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr. Jessica Goodkind is currently on the faculty of the University of New Mexico Department of Sociology, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychiatry. Her primary interests are in working collaboratively with communities to understand and address the mental health consequences of exposure to highly stressful social environments and to develop and assess the processes that promote healing, well-being, and social justice. Specifically, Dr. Goodkind's research focuses on partnering with refugee, immigrant, and Indigenous communities to implement and test community-based approaches to reduce social inequities and health disparities. Her research also engages with the core question of how to most effectively address social determinants of mental health. This crucial question has led her to develop community-based participatory approaches that connect the resources of universities to their broader communities and emphasize mutual learning and social change. Dr. Goodkind has also been involved in research to improve the community's responsiveness to women who experience intimate partner violence and their children, and her interests include mixed-methods research and a wide variety of engaged research projects and service learning opportunities that work towards social justice. In addition, Dr. Goodkind is Co-Director of the Cultural Competency Curriculum for the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, through which she works to help medical students, residents, and faculty provide equitable and culturally effective care to all patients.

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Margaret (Guida) Leicester: Staff Award

Margaret (Guida) Leicester

Guida works at UNM’s Global Education Office (GEO) and is a thoughtful, experienced and qualified leader who deserves formal recognition for her longstanding contributions toward serving the interests of diverse underrepresented student groups at UNM and the greater Albuquerque community. Her internship with GEO focused on diversity, equity and inclusion for study abroad students. Because of Guida’s constant outreach to and recruitment of students from a broad range of ethnic, gender, multicultural and disability backgrounds, more students than ever before know about Education Abroad, and understand the scholarship and other funding opportunities available to them.


Guida (Margaret) Leicester has been a UNM student and a recent Global Education Office Study Abroad unit Intern/staff member.  Since 2006, her extracurricular endeavors and professional responsibilities at UNM have focused on serving the interests of diverse underrepresented student groups at UNM and the greater Albuquerque Community. As a student, Guida advocated for the human rights for all, specifically people with disabilities through the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) and the students with disabilities organization, ACCESS.  Beginning in 2008,  Guida planned and produced six UNM Disability Awareness Day events and, with a core group of students, created the Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (CPJME). Guida has more than 25 years experience in educational program development and student/staff/faculty outreach through teach-ins and lectures, public relations, special events planning, and development/fundraising for non-profit organizations in California and New Mexico. 

Currently, Ms. Leicester is in her second year as an Americorps-Public Allies New Mexico (PANM) 2014-15 Intern with the UNM Global Education Office (GEO) assisting with outreach to all underrepresented UNM students to participate in university study abroad programs, as well as developing three online courses to be taught this spring, in collaboration with NAS and CEC, preparing students to do service learning projects that will connect local community with international community partners. 

Guida also serves as the GEO representative on the UNM Diversity Council and is collaborating with several UNM faculty to help create the proposed UNM College of Social Transformation (CST). 

Guida received her Bachelor's degree in International Communications from the University of California, in 1987.  In May 2013 Guida graduated from the University of New Mexico (UNM), earning a master's degree with distinction, in Education Leadership.

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William Campillo: Student Award

William Campillo

Throughout his work at the Resource Center, William has never left behind his intersecting identities. He is committed to justice for undocumented individuals and holistic health for the Queer community. When speaking about his goals for being a physician, he is always emphatic that he wants to advocate for non-traditional healthcare for these communities. His belief that healing can be achieved in various ways besides medication is something that our society desperately needs.


William Campillo is the eldest son of 3 children. He is currently majoring in Chemistry and Spanish, with the intention of becoming a physician who's focus will be holistic health in marginalized communities. During his academic career he has been awarded the Who's Who designation for 3 consecutive semesters. William has been an active member of the LGBTQ Resource Center since its inception. He first began his career as a volunteer for numerous events and is currently an intern at the center. William had been a volunteer for ENCUENTRO and was a member of Albuquerque Dreamers in Action. He has been a brother of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc. since the Spring of 2011, during his time with Lambda he has held Vice President, Secretary, Academic chair and numerous other positions. As intern for the LGBTQ Resource Center, William has been dedicated to promoting holistic health for the LGBTQQI community. Through his work he has created biweekly free/confidential HIV testing. William has also executed awareness events such as Passion for Fashion and Lets Talk about sex which aims bring awareness about AIDS and healthy sexuality, respectively. He has also helped compile the annual "Out and Ally" list for the past 3 years. He also helped create Rainbow Rd. to College which is gateway program for LGBTQ high school students. William holds the creation of Gentlemen's Society, a peer discussion group for GBTQ individuals as one of his greatest accomplishment at the LGBTQ Resource Center. William is very honored and grateful to have been chosen for the Luminaria award and hopes to inspire young Queer individuals to know that although our journey has been hard, these challenges that we endure  help create the ropes that keep us together.

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New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee: Community Organization Award

New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee

In 2010, Ms. Cathryn McGill founded the NMBHOC to preserve the rich cultural heritage that African Americans have made to the state of New Mexico and the United States. To accomplish their mission they focused their activities in six major areas: Arts and Culture, Cuisine, Education, Small Business Promotion, Positive Youth Development, and Health.  In the beginning year NMBHOC concentrated their efforts of activities during the month of February (traditionally the National Black History Month) and invited all of the community to join. Their purpose was to not only educate the community about African American contributions to New Mexico but to demonstrate that we are clearly a “Multicultural” -- not Tri-Cultural -- state.

A nominator described that one of the best things accomplished by this group is their outreach to other African Americans in the community: “Their activities help make us feel a part of the community in a way that feels welcoming and appreciated. Their promotion of the multicultural state concept makes me feel like I belong here. I have talked to many other African American members of the community who feel the same way.”


Founded in 2011, the New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee (NMBHOC) is founded on the guiding principles of Carter G. Woodson and Ella Jo Baker.  Carter G. Woodson started Negro Achievement Week in 1926 as a strategic way to organize the African American community and as a means for 1) celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans, 2) creating awareness in the mainstream populace about African American culture and 3) inspiring people of all races to greater achievement.  Negro Achievement Week was renamed Black History Month in the mid-1970’s and Woodson’s mission remains relevant to our work today. 

Ella Jo Baker, one of the principal architects of the Civil Rights Movement, encouraged grassroots involvement and direct action from members of the community to address and find systemic solutions to political, social and cultural issues.  Her organizing strategies were principally important in ensuring the success of organizations like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and serve as a blueprint for social benefit organizations like the NMBHOC.

The NMBHOC’s motto is “Strengthening and building community from the inside out”.   The goals and objectives for the NMBHOC are to 1) Increase Community Participation/Volunteerism/Philanthropy, 2) Increase Visibility and Awareness of the contributions of African Americans in New Mexico using various educational tools,  3) Increase Economic Development (especially in the areas of small business promotions) and Tourism, 4) Support Positive Youth Development within the African American community thereby increasing student engagement and closing the achievement gap for these students, and 5) Cultural Preservation.

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Alma Rosa Silva-Bañuelos: Inclusion, Access and Student Success Award

Alma Rosa Silva-Banuelos

Alma Rosa is currently the director of UNM’s LGBTQ Resource Center and has worked tirelessly to serve the needs of students at her center, across campus and across the community. Under her leadership, the center has led to having UNM named as one of the Top 30 Colleges in the nation for LGBTQ Students by BestColleges.com, is currently in the process of expanding services to the UNM Gallup branch and creating a satellite office. In four short years, Alma Rosa has been a tireless champion for LGBTQ students across campus and the community, from implementing Rainbow Graduation for students to creating a Lavender Graduation for area high school students so they can be recognized as their whole selves while achieving milestones to implementing a campus-wide Safe Zone training to creating a Queer Course Guide, If you know Alma Rosa, then you know this is just a tip of the iceberg.


Alma Rosa Silva-Bañuelos is currently the Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of New Mexico. In this role, Alma Rosa is committed to creating a space that provides service to UNM students, faculty and staff of all gender identities and sexual orientations through support, advocacy, education and safety. She has also been a community organizer in her hometown of Albuquerque, NM since the late 1990’s, and has worked throughout New Mexico facilitating local and rural communities to self-organize for social justice. She has worked with many local, statewide, regional, national, bi-national non-profits and currently is part a member of the Board of Directors for the Transgender Resource Center of NM (TGRCNM). She is also a co-founding member of Young Women United, local grass-roots non-profit organization founded in 1999. Alma Rosa continues to organize and advocate for social justice while working towards LGBTQ* recognition, acceptance, equal rights and liberation.

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Yvette Kaufman-Bell: Inclusive Excellence Award

Yvette Kaufman-Bell

Yvette Kaufman-Bell was born in Portales and raised in Clovis, New Mexico, in low socio-economic home environments. She has consistently spoken against inequality while actively working to improve the quality of life for New Mexico’s communities. By serving in various professions such as youth development, student services, college recruitment, and domestic violence prevention, the lives that have been positively enhanced by the teams she has been blessed to be a part of are numerous. She never boasts, nor uplifts herself, for any success accomplished has been because there were a group of individuals willing to work together for the better good of the community. Her colleagues at the Office of African American Affairs had the following to say about her:  From the moment i met her, I could tell she was a woman with vision, courage, passion for her causes and great vision to get her goals accomplished. The mission of the OAAA is "To study, identify, and provide solutions to issues of concern relevant to the African American community."  Mrs. Kaufman-Bell took on this mission literally. After commissioning and underwriting a statewide summit on the State of African American Affairs, Mrs. Kaufman-Bell developed a strategic plan that identified five major focus areas: Advocacy and Policy, Community Development, Economic Development, Education Advancement, and Health Care. Each of these areas was assigned a task force group to study, review problem areas, and recommend and implement solutions relevant to their areas. 

Mrs. Kaufman-Bell has overseen each of these task forces with zeal and always ensures that the programs implemented involve the community as a whole and not just to the sole benefit of African Americans.  Mrs. Kaufman-Bell's influence and leadership can be seen in many of the programs and projects that the OAAA has successfully designed, developed and implemented in the last couple of years.

Since becoming Director of The New Mexico Office of African American Affairs, Mrs. Kaufman-Bell has demonstrated compassion for the community she specifically serves and for all New Mexicans in general.

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