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Diversity Council News & Announcements:

The Diversity Council Final Report (Diversity Council Framework for Strategic Action 1-28-13), Timeline (Timeline for Implementation) and PowerPoint Presentation Slides (Diversity Council Presentation) are now updated and available for download.

We are now seeking your feedback. Please share your comments here:


Upon taking office, Provost Chaouki Abdallah assembled the Provost’s Diversity Council; bringing together varying levels of expertise in diversity matters, a broad cross-section of occupations/disciplined from across UNM’s academic community.  Council members reflect the remarkable diversity of backgrounds and ideas at the University of New Mexico, and came together to improve the University’s performance where diversity, equity and inclusion are concerned.

The twenty-two-member Diversity Council began their work on November 22, 2011. The Council consisted of faculty, staff and students with varying degrees of knowledge about diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice in higher education.  The committee was charged as follows:

The charge of the Diversity Council is to review historical documents addressing diversity at UNM and study campus climate policies and best practices addressing diversity and excellence at institutions of higher education.  Data from various sources will be evaluated in determining the needs at UNM as we move to establish a UNM model that embraces diversity and excellence.  The work of the Diversity Council will culminate with a re-envisioned actionable Diversity Plan that will lead our institution for the next ten years.  The committee will seek ways in which this plan may be successfully woven into the very fabric of daily operations at the University of Mexico.

The Strategic Plan is designed as a living document that will be revisited and improved on a regular basis. The committee is now seeking your ideas, feedback, and suggestions for how this would look in your context. How does this connect with your discipline, department, program, or unit?

The Diversity Council will regularly meet with Provost Abdallah and President Bob Frank with updates and feedback drawn from their gatherings along with work of previous committees and input from constituents and stakeholders.

Members of the Provost’s Diversity Council can be found HERE.

Several historical documents, reports and recommendations were used in the preparation of the recommendations. They can be found HERE.

The Diversity Council held the DIVERSITY COUNCIL STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN PUBLIC FORUM on FRIDAY, February 15, 2013. The next event of note is the Faculty Senate Vote on April 23, 2013.


The Faculty Senate voted to endorse the Diversity Council Framework for Strategic Action, which includes the proposed diversity requirement, among several other action items pertaining to faculty recruitment, student and community engagement, graduate admissions, professional development, etc., at the Tues. April 23, 2013 Faculty Senate meeting. You may find the resolution here. Please note the proposal will still have to go through the formal Form C submission process, which includes review by faculty senate committees (e.g., undergraduate committee, curricula committee), vote by faculty senators at a future meeting and approval by the Board of Regents.

Please send questions, suggestions, and feedback on the plan to any of the following individuals: Dr. Nancy Lopez,, Dr. Glenabah Martinez,, Dr. Kiran Katira,, and/or Dr. Norma Valenzuela

The Diversity Council Final Report, Diversity Council Framework for Strategic Action 1-28-13, is located in the files listed below: