Campus Climate Events 2017

CC 2017 Events

Campus Climate and Social Justice Awareness Events for the Spring

Updated on 1-19-17

As we approach a new semester and a changing political climate, the University of New is committed to highlighting and sponsoring a number of events to address campus climate and social justice.  Numerous faculty and staff have shared their commitment and desire to assist in ensuring that our students feel safe, supported and respected on this campus.  The following events have been planned to address the campus climate on campus and create awareness about matters that impact our students, faculty and staff. 
January 20th at 10am: Panel, Honoring Culture and Advancing Social Justice, (will include reading of a proclamation & Opening Prayer, Panels, Timelines, Standing Rock Presentation, Poetry etc.) Sponsored by El Centro de la Raza, Office of Student Affairs and Division for Equity and Inclusion, UNM SUB Atrium
January 20th Student Walk-out for Unity, meeting in front of UNM Bookstore and Popejoy Hall.
January 21st Community Engagement Center Symposium, “Unity Through Diversity”, Sponsored by students to honor Martin Luther King Jr. which has been put together by students to honor MLK Jr. on January 21st with the theme, "Unity Through Diversity." 
January 25 Program, ”Student Free Speech: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.”  
Featuring First Amendment attorney specialists:
Eliza Bechtold, from the ACLU; 
Martin Esquivel who specializes in free speech and media law, and Greg Williams; 
Debbie Morris, UNM Director of Student Activities discussing Student Responsibilities (reserving space for a free speech event and pertinent UNM policies).  
Dean of Students Nasha Torrez  will be available to answer questions related to when free speech or expression may result in a student code of conduct violation and what the process is.  Sponsored by Office of Dean of Students. SUB Atrium. 3pm-4pm 
Workshop Series on Immigration – to be held throughout spring semester
January 25th  Conversations on Race and Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary Approaches.  Wednesday, 12-1:30, 230 TECH BLDG., UNM Main Campus Institute for the Study of Race and Social Justice ( We will be developing a collective syllabi that includes insights from a cross section of discipline on issues related to race and pedagogy. Email suggested readings from your discipline to Dr. Nancy López, . 
January 26th Dialogue:  Faith and Philosophical Tradition to Confront Hate -  SUB Ballroom A - 5:30pm-7pm
Panelists include Rabbi Evelyn Bas of B’nai Israel Congregation
Faisal Nabulsi of the Islamic Center of NM
Pastor David Eifert from The Believers’ Center (progressive evangelical Christian): and his blog at
Archbishop Wester or Vicar John Daniel
Rich Wood, Sociology, will moderate

January 27th - Elevating the Conversation: A Dialogue on Politically Charged Topics in Research, 2pm-5pm, SUB Lobo A & B

Join us for a social hour of coffee and snacks, followed by a panel and Q&A with campus leaders and researchers.
Topics to include:
• Promoting critical thinking & mutual respect at UNM
• Addressing criticisms of social equity research
• Recognizing work by UNM campus leaders
• Showcasing UNM student research on social equity & cultural awareness, and more.

Sponsored by Diversity Organization (DO!), UNM Psychology Department, Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (GASP) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy

February 1st 12:00 – 1:30 Webinar:  Undocumented Students:  The New Administration and What it Means for this Special Population, CTLB 110, RSVP to Sponsored by Division for Equity and Inclusion

ALL FEBRUARY - African American Student Services hosts Black History Month Events

February 6th Dr. Jennifer Freyd, Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon, SUB Acoma A&B,  10:00-10:45
Session I: OEO, Compliance, and Policy - 11:00-11:45
Session II:  Student Affairs and Advocacy Centers - 1:00-2:30
Session III: Faculty and Students - 3:00-4:30
Keynote Lecture by Dr. Freyd: “Addressing Campus Sexual Violence”
Organized by Faculty SAFE UNM and the Feminist Research Institute.
February 11th through February 25th Conflict De-Escalation Series.  Workshops will be held on Saturdays (Sponsored by Office of Community Engaged Learning & Research and other sponsors including DEI)
Workshop 1:  This session will focus on having a public conversation around what is happening on the UNM campus, how people feel about the events that are occurring and helping people who are fearful, angry, or frustrated and want to help other understand those feelings and where they stem from.
Workshop 2:  This session would focus on the topic of non-violent techniques for de-escalation and how to employ these techniques whether you are the victim, the aggressor or the bystander.
Workshop 3:  This session will focus on accountability:  as individuals, as members of a larger community, as leaders, etc.  What are we doing and how do we follow through on creating and upholding the environment of a safe and respectful campus.
February 13-17 - Language Diversity Awareness Week. It is sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs, El Centro de la Raza, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Department of Linguistics and student organization from the department of Linguistics, the High Desert Linguistics Society.

Occupying Spanish: Challenging the Racialization of Latinos and our Languages

Dr. Ana Celia Zentella, UCSD.

Friday February 17th, 11:00 am at EDUC 103

Teaching about African American Language Especially When the Instructor Is Not African American:  An Open Discussion

Dr. Stuart Davis, Indiana University

Thursday February 16th, 10:00 am at SUB Acoma A 

The Phonetics and Phonology of /ay/-raising with a Focus on an Incipient Variety
Dr. Stuart Davis, Indiana University

Friday February 17th, at 3:00 pm at SUB Santa Ana A&B

February 15th 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at UNM SUB, Teaching and Social Justice Conference, Sponsored by Center for Teaching and Learning.

February 23rd, 12 p.m., 1104 Mesa Vista Hall (History Common Room):  “Whose Histories?  The Southwest from Different Perspectives.  Panelists:  Hampton Sides, author of Blood and Thunder; Donald Fixico, Disstinguished Professor of HIstory, Arizona State University and author of Indian Resilience and Rebuilding; Paul Hutton, Distinguished Professor of History, UNM and author of Apache Wars, and Jennifer Denetdale, Associate Professor of American Studies and author of Reclaiming Dine History.  Moderated by Virginia Scharff, Associate Provost and Distinguished Professor of History
February 23rd, 5:30 p.m., “Empire for Liberty:  The Civil War as Indian War,” Ari Kelman, Chancellor’s Leadership Professor, University of California Davis, presents the 2017 C. Ruth and Calvin P. Horn Lecture, SUB Lobo A&B.

February 27th thru March 2nd - ‘Teach Week’ entitled Arming Yourself with Analysis in the Current Political Moment, with several events open to the public at the School of Architecture and Planning (George Pearl Hall).
The opening session will be on Monday, February 27 in the Garcia Honda Auditorium at 5:30pm.  Keynote Speaker Dave Archambault Sr., of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, will make an address on “Drawing the Line at daPL:  Responding to Trumpism and the Legacies of Settler Colonialism.” 

Archambault  is best known as the Indian School Whisperer, aka Joe Bucking Horse.  He earned a Master’s degree from Penn State and has headed the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, American Indian College Fund, and Sitting Bull College; he has experience as Tribal Councilman, School Superintendent, Principal, and he currently sits on a BIE grant school and Fort Yates public school board.  In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the Board for the American Indian Business Leaders organization.  He is also the father of the current Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe which has called for protests and “mass civil disobedience” in response to the President’s signing of an order that disregards treaty rights and endangers lives in order to advance the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (daPL).  

Other public sessions in George Pearl Hall include, but are not limited to: 

Tuesday (2/28) – Privatization of Public Lands; The Impact to Traditional Communities of New Mexico – Auditorium / 6:00 – 8:00pm

Wednesday (3/1) – Sanctuary:  A Rising Resistance Movement – Auditorium / 3:30 – 5:00pm

Thursday (3/2) – Urbanism of Resistance presented by Resource Center for Raza Planning – P104 / 11:00 – 1:00pm

 We hope to increase both awareness and understanding of our political climate by analyzing environmental regulation, hate speech, and racism along with other topics during the week.  Please see the attached flyer for a full schedule of events, all of which are open to the public.  The Teach Week schedule will also be available at SAAP.UNM.EDU in the coming days.


March 1st & 2nd  Daisy Hernandez, Author of “A Cup of Water Under My Bed”, Lobo Reading Experience Book, will be on campus to talk about topics of immigration, LGBT, the Latino/a experience, financial literacy, etc.
April 13th Andrew Hartman, Professor of History, Illinois State University (and UNM alumnus):  “The War for the Soul of America:  A History of the Culture Wars,” 5:30 p.m., location TBA, sponsored by Departments of History and American Studies. 
April 14th & 15th,  Symposium on Asylum, Sponsored by LAII, Liz Hutchinson
April 20th, Dr. Ange Marie Hancock, RWJF Lecture Series, Intersectionality, RWJF Speakers Series, for more info:
Details and additional information will be updated as it becomes available. To list additional items, please e-mail